Achieving Success

Achieving Success

Achievement of any kind begins with a desire. We all have desires, but few of us actually succeed in realizing these desires. The reason for this “lack of success” is due primarily to a lack of understanding of the success process. What follows is a brief account of the achievement process.
Desire, Belief, and Persistence, these are the three wise men of success.

Desire is the flame which drives all us all. To achieve anything of value, you must first desire it in earnest. The things that you desire the most are the things you will accomplish. The first step in the success process is to determine your desires. Know what they are. Write down everything you want to accomplish. Put the list away and come back to it the next day. Write down next to each desire, exactly why you want to achieve it. If you cannot honestly say why, cross it off your list. What remains on the list are the items you truly desire.

Belief is what allows you to succeed. If your desire is to make a million dollars in one year, and you honestly do not believe that it is possible, then your failure is guaranteed. You are what you think. You cannot be more than you believe yourself to be. What you think about consciously and subconsciously, day in and day out is what you become. What you believe becomes your reality. How do you program your desires into your belief system? You start by visualizing your desires as having already being accomplished. Think about your desires every morning when you awaken and every evening before you go to sleep. Read books, magazines, blogs, and other literature related to or supportive of your desires. Listen to audio files or watch video files about your chosen desire. Read about other successful people, and share your dreams with people that you know will encourage you.

Persistence is the follow through stroke of achievement. Persistence means “going the extra mile.” Doing more than you are paid entitles you to your next raise. Remember that the competition drops off dramatically after forty hours a week. To be above average you have to do more and be more than the next guy. Simply put, the successful person is the one who continues towards his or her ambitions until they are realized. Life is full of setbacks for everyone. High achievers are people who view their setbacks as lessons to be learned that will help them achieve their desires in the long run. Many accomplished people became prosperous only after losing everything they owned. After losing it all they realized that the only way left to go was up.

Is desire, belief, and persistence all that is needed? No. You need a plan of attack and you need to carry it out with a “positive mental attitude.” Planning your attack is critical for success. If you persist without a plan, you will be moving in a random manner; a pattern of repeated failure. Your attack plan must include not only how you will accomplish your success, but also when. It should include a serious look at how your are now, as well as, where you would like to be. You need to identify any deficiencies in knowledge, and determine how you will overcome these deficiencies. Identify any people who can help you along the way. Help others when they ask as well. Remember that our attitudes towards others will determine their attitudes toward us. People are more eager to help you when you exude a positive attitude towards them.

Most importantly, write it all down. Review it often, visualize the end result, and revise it when necessary. Be decisive in your planning and in your actions. Give your plan time limits to enhance a sense of urgency. Continuously remind yourself of the benefits associated with attaining your desires. Remember, do not be afraid of success.

Fear is the great assassin of achievement. Whether you suffer from the fear of failure, the fear of non-acceptance or any other fear, you must face your fears and conquer them. Upon facing a fear, we often find the fear is more imaginary than real. Eliminating fears leads to the path of achievement. This is where you begin controlling your life, instead of letting life control you.

Once you have realized one desire, immediately start work on your next. You should always be in the process of acquiring success. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today, and realize your dreams at once.



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